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Trillium at Mobility.Pioneers – Winners of the Autonomous Drive Category

A big thank you to all those that came to see us during Pioneer.Mobility event last week in Munich, Germany. We are currently following up connections made and ready to continue pursuing European based projects with new and old partners in the near future.

We are also excited to announce that Trillium won the “Autonomous Driving Technology” category in the pitch competition that was held. Our team was honored by the award and the recognition for the fundamental importance of cyber security to enable autonomous drive.


The future of mobility is now – let’s ensure that it is cyber secure!

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Thank you all for coming out to see us at CarELE Japan 2017 in the Toyota Tsusho Electronics booth!

Thank you all for coming out to see us at CarELE Japan 2017 in the Toyota Tsusho Electronics booth!

We are proud to start off the year by previewing our new vehicular cybersecurity products to the industry –

Stay tuned for Next-Generation Automotive Cybersecurity Technology & Tools hitting the market.


Trillium featured in an article on Good as the winners of last month’s Forbes “RISING STAR’ STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2017 Award”

Read the full story here:



Trillium named #1 Start-up in the [Global Brain Next Five-Star Startup Pitch] competition during the GB Alliance Forum 2016!

Trillium named #1 Start-up in the [Global Brain Next Five-Star Startup Pitch] competition during the GB Alliance Forum 2016!

Thank you to all those that came to see us – we are honoured to receive this recognition of our mission to make connected cars safe.

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China Road Show day2 in Beijing.
Great event with great people.

@ The IntrepidCS 10th Anniversary Advanced Vehicle Network Technology Workshop.

One more city to go!


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Trillium in Shanghai

Trillium in Shanghai at the IntrepidCS 10th Anniversary
Advanced Vehicle Network Technology Workshop
Two more cities to go!
We will be in Shingzen 11/10
Come check our live demo at our booth!
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Trillium Announces the SecureCAR SDK and Introduces The ‘BrainBOX’ IVN-in-a-Box

At escar Asia 2016* Trillium is introducing game changing innovation to the world of automotive cybersecurity

TOKYO, Sept 29, 2016 – (JCN Newswire) – Trillium Inc, an automotive cybersecurity startup, has announced the availability of an SDK (software development kit) for its SecureCAR software-based, multi-layered automotive cybersecurity solution and introduced the ‘BrainBOX’, an IVN-in-a-box. A hardware platform condensed from vehicular wire harness scale to a compact, hand-carried chassis the size of a microwave oven. Both announcements come today from escar Asia 2016* held in Tokyo, where Trillium is conducting on-site demonstrations of both the SecureCAR SDK and the BrainBOX.

Trillium developed its SecureCAR IVN (in-vehicle network) security platform as one pillar of a comprehensive cybersecurity suite called SecureIoT, delivering the requisite multi-layered automotive cyber-system from IVN to IPS to SecureOTA. Today’s announcement represents an important milestone in the roll-out of the SecureCAR solution, and a significant leap forward from IVN modelling and simulation (based on CAD models) to actual deployment of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) application software on the BrainBOX, including the Trillium SecureCAR cybersecurity kernel.

David Uze, Trillium President & CEO, says, “Technically, we have created a facsimile of an automotive IVN, in-a-box. In combination with the SecureCAR SDK, this represents a signifiant leap forward in the design, benchmarking, implementation and execution of secure automotive ECU to ECU communications. Our BrainBOX allows for significantly faster ECU prototyping and far more accurate simulation, allowing for maximal code and network optimisation prior to mass production. It actually enables extensive real world vehicular testing, outside of the vehicle.”

The SecureCAR SDK enables the integration and execution of Trillium’s patent pending SecureCAR software module within automotive ECU application software, encrypting and authenticating the messages of in-vehicle networks like CAN bus, LIN bus, FlexRAY and Ethernet for realtime actuation applications. Using the SecureCAR / BrainBOX development platform; automotive SW developers, Tier1 and semiconductor makers as well as automotive manufacturers can develop, test and run customised cybersecurity software scenarios over actual IVNs allowing engineers to choose the optimal cyber system for their unique vehicular implementations.

The BrainBOX IVN-in-a-Box, with 49 ECUs mounted into one compact and portable chassis including LIN, CAN, FlexRAY and ethernet ECUs, is an effective and efficient means to test and run software over any semiconductor chipset / software operating system combination. The BrainBOX enables automotive makers (OEM) and Tier1 to optimise and test their CAD simulation tool performance before prototyping actual vehicular implementations. Commercial versions of the SecureCAR SDK and BrainBOX will begin shipment to automotive simulation and diagnostic tool vendors, semiconductor makers, Tier1 electronic module makers and automotive OEM from October 2016.

Dr. Sachio Semmoto, Trillium Chairman and also founder of Japanese telecommunication giants DDI and eAccess, says, “David and our team are focused on solving cybersecurity problems that have remained unsolved for decades. Trillium’s technology is poised to enable automakers to implement a new paradigm cybersecurity platform to protect personal and public safety from the nefarious activities of hackers and government-sponsored cyberterrorism. This technology is critical to the safe and secure operation of connected cars on the roads of today and tomorrow.”

*The 3rd escar ASIA – The world’s leading automotive Cyber Security conference – running from Sept. 28 to 29, 2016, in Tokyo, Japan –

About Trillium

Japan-based Trillium Inc, an automotive IoT cybersecurity startup, has developed the anti-car hacking SecureCAR technology for protecting the in-vehicle networks (IVN) of automobiles and other transportation equipment from cyber attack using advanced encryption, authentication and key management technologies. Trillium’s patent pending SecureCAN technology, a key component of its SecureCAR software platform, delivers disruptive technology that was previously thought impossible – realtime encryption, authentication and highly entropic key management of CAN bus. Trillium technology is applicable not only to automotive, but to any vehicular IoT data network, from land-based to areospace, satellite and drones to factory automation, robotics, and industrial control systems, to name a few. Please visit us at

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Phone: +81-3-6459-3132

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Cyber Crime on the Rise: US Justice Department to Form First Dedicated Task Force 

The ease by which hacker attacks can transcend from causing digital to physical damage is starting to be fully known.

What was once science fiction is today reality – judging by the most recent published automotive hacks it is clear that cyber criminals have the capabilities to fully control vehicles – one does not need to look further than the tragic terrorist attack in Nice this summer that killed 86 people to understand the potential damage that could be caused – worse yet, these hacks could be performed remotely.
To counter this growing threat the U.S. Justice Department has formed a threat analysis organisation to investigate potential national security threats caused by IoT devises, including autonomous and connected cars. In a recent piece from Automotive News this effort and how it relates to the automotive industry is examined in great detail.

Trillium’s mission is in line with these efforts – our Secure IoT suite is built to eliminate any attack before it even begins.

Dawn of the Cyber Security Revolution: Connected Devices Prompting Significant Change

Cybersecurity is no longer just about protecting confidential data – It is about protecting lives.

As the digital world becomes more and more tight knit with the real world, results of cyber attacks are also becoming increasingly tangible.

With everyday devices, wearables and cars connecting to the internet at an alarming rate society has never been at greater risk or more vulnerable to digital attacks.
In order to protect people from hacktivists, cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers, a paradigm shift in how we approach security is needed.

Chief Technology Officer at the Intel Security Group, N V Vijayakumar speaks about this new approach in a recent piece in the DECCAN HERALD – we can only
agree – Trillium is an advocate for the urgent need to rethink the entire industry and we are confident SecureIoT is the solution needed.