Trillium at X-HUB! Many thanks for this honorable selection.

Following the X-HUB kick-off event at which our sales team introduced Trillium’s solutions, Trillium is pleased to announce its selection for the prestigious X-HUB TOKYO program. The week-long program will include Trillium playing a leading role at follow-up events hosted by Plug and Play in Shibuya on the 20th and 22nd of February. As a global innovator in the automotive cyber security sector, Trillium will use this opportunity to further develop our presence in the European market, capitalizing on our customer and partner relationships in the region. Trillium would like to extend its sincerest thanks to everyone that helped to make this possible.

The Returning Champ: Meet Trillium at Pioneers.Mobility 2018

If ever you wanted an illustration of why a startup might want to attend an event like Mobility.Pioneers, look no further than automotive cyber security company Trillium Secure. Having travelled all the way from Japan to Germany for the first edition of Mobility.Pioneers last year, they impressed the jury enough to enjoy the glory and publicity that came with victory in the autonomous track, one of three broad categories in which startups competed.

That in itself was a great return for a company making its first foray to a European event. But there was more to cheer than that. Trillium also got talking to automotive giant Volkswagen at the event, a connection which directly led to an ongoing collaboration with the corporate. And the impression they made last year also earned them an invitation to return, this time to take part in a panel discussion that reflects their growing status in the industry. Trillium’s CEO David Uze will be taking part in the What Could Future OEM Business Models Look Like? discussion on stage.

“We were humbled that the jury recognized the importance of securing vehicles and how that is fundamental to enabling autonomous drive,” recalls their Strategic Business Development Manager Adrian Sossna, who will also be present in Munich once again. “Without cyber security, there’s no autonomous drive.

“On the opening night, at the ice-breaker event, I happened to sit at the same table as Dr Zach Izham. He’s Project Manager of the Volkswagen Data:Lab in Munich. We kept in contact and he was very interested in what we were doing. Then in October last year we were selected for the VW Data:Lab program, and are now working continuously with them. So that contact was made at Mobility.Pioneers. On the day itself we had a demo set up and we got a lot of attention at our little booth. We got a lot of leads and discussions from that too.”

Fond as those recollections are, Trillium is looking forwards rather than backwards as the company continues to grow fast. And they see great value in taking part in the panel discussion next week.

“What these panels give you is the opportunity to begin a conversation about things that are industry-wide problems, with the right parties,” says Sossna. “Cyber security solutions won’t come from a startup. Nor from an OEM. And nor from a Tier 1. They’ll come from a group of companies coming together to solve different parts of a major problem. Panels enable us to start that conversation.

“One of the key reasons we’re coming back is to meet the right people from the right mobility companies. People who have an interest in our type of disruptive business model and want to do this together with a startup like ours. Having deployed and built our value system for Japan, we’re looking to have the right Go To Market partners for Europe this year.”

So which are the startups jostling for a chance to emulate Trillium’s success when the second edition of Mobility.Pioneers rolls around next week? Having narrowed down the invitation list to 100 startups, we can now also name the 20 who we’ve selected to pitch on stage – and the experts who’ll judge them. The program has been expanded from last year, and now includes four pitching tracks.

The details for each track are as follows:


Startups: Caroo Mobility, MOVTZ, 2hire, Getaway, Utopian Future Technologies

Judges: Julius Rüßmann (Earlybird Venture Capital), Tian Tian Feng (Cherry Ventures) and Jens-Philipp Klein (Atlantic Labs).


Startups: CIRRANTiC, AVILOO, EcoG, Lennahc, ChargeX

Judges: Olaf Joeressen (High-Tech Gründerfonds), Julien Etienne (Aster Capital)


Startups: TheWhollySee, Sensible 4, Humanising Autonomy, emotion3D, embotech AG

Judges: Ulrich Eisele (Fluxunit), Boris Shulkin (Magna International), Phillip Stangl (Pioneers Ventures)


Startups: Capricode, WeNow, High Mobility, German Autolabs, Susi & James

Judges: Christian Lindener (Wayra), Gitte Bedford (Robert Bosch Venture Capital), Marie-Helene Ametsreiter (Speedinvest)

The winning startup from each track will then get the chance to pitch on the Muffatwerk’s biggest stage at the end of the day, as they shoot for a chance to win overall. Picking the best of the quartet will doubtless be a tough job, and one we’ve entrusted to Tobias Jahn of BMW i Ventures, David Murray-Hundley of Tech London Advocates Automotive and our own Pioneers Ventures expert Stangl.

Perhaps the final word on pitching should go to Sossna, who was happy to share some advice on what helped get Trillium the thumbs-up from the judges a year ago.

“Focus on the problem that you’re solving, but be mindful of the applicability and the feasibility of what you’re doing,” he suggests. “Tie things into reality by presenting a clear business case for what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. If you have excellent tech and you don’t have the business model that goes with it, then you won’t be able to win. And if you have an excellent business model, but don’t have the tech for it, you won’t be able to win either. You have to marry the business with the technology.”

One last thing: our Match & Meet networking service is now live ahead of Mobility.Pioneers. If you need to get set up to use this great piece of tech, read on!

First head here and log in, using the same email address that you used to buy your ticket for Mobility.Pioneers. The next step is to check out the agenda and then fill out the slots in which you’ll be free for meetings. Then, if you haven’t previously filled out your match-making preferences – whom you’d like to meet, in other words – please do so.

Your personalised meeting schedule will be ready for you on February 6th, two days before the start of Mobility.Pioneers. It will also be sent in the form of Google Calendar or Outlook invites. Look out, too, for the PioBot link we’ll send out the night before Mobility.Pioneers. This is our on-event chatbot assistant, which is now even smarter at handling and redirecting queries. The latest iteration also has speaker profiles, agenda information and Match & Meet built in, so you’ll have the option to arrange your entire event via Messenger.

Original article: “Mobility.Pioneers Top Startups & Jurors Revealed: Let the Pitching Begin!” by Richard Asher

Trillium an “International Success Story” at CyberTech Tel-Aviv 2018

The Trillium team is at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018 in Israel this week, from the 29th to 31st of January.

Invited as part of the CyberTech Japan – Israel “International Success Story” summit, Trillium president and CEO, David M. Uze joined a panel of business and government influencers set on bringing the two countries closer. A big thank you to both the Japanese and Israeli embassies for arranging this excellent event.

Trillium technology will be on display at the Startup Pavilion during the conference.  To join the list for private demonstrations, kindly contact us at



Meet Trillium Secure, Inc. and Infineon Technologies at Automotive World Tokyo, January 17-19

Trillium Secure, Inc. and leading semiconductor chip manufacturer Infineon Technologies are showcasing Automotive Cyber Security solutions at Automotive World in Tokyo, January 17-19th. The joint display follows mutual efforts to develop and deploy security solutions to protect Connected and Autonomous Cars from hacker attacks.
At Infineon’s Booth No.: E55-48 Trillium will demonstrate SecureCAR, its in-vehicle network protection module, running on Infineon’s next generation Aurix platform.  The demonstration will show both hardware (HSM) and software enhanced protection for CAN FD in-vehicle network communication.
To schedule an appointment and private demo, please contact
Infineon & Trillium


Trillium Named Most Promising Startup by CB Insights at Annual Innovation Conference

On December 12, Trillium participated in A-ha! 2017, a gathering of Fortune 1000 executives, investors, academics and startup founders. While more than 2,000 companies applied for the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day, Trillium Secure, Inc. was one of 40 companies chosen to present at the conference. Of those 40, Trillium Secure, Inc. is honored to have been chosen as the Most Promising Startup. CB Insights selected Trillium Secure, Inc. to participate in this event as part of an elite group of startups driving progress in artificial intelligence, fintech, health and bleeding-edge technologies. We thank the organizers of the event for making such an opportunity possible, and hope to see continued support from the CB community.

Aftermath of the Startup Battlefield: Many Thanks for Everyone’s Support!

As the Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 conference comes to a close, Trillium would like to extend thanks to the event organizers, judges, and everyone else who contributed to the event.

Techcrunch Disrupt was an excellent event for Trillium, culminating in a Top 15 finish out of the 600+ startups in attendance. We are honored to receive this distinction, and would like to congratulate the overall winner of the Startup Battlefield, Lea, on their victory. We are honored to have been able to share the same playing field, and look forward to hearing of their continued success.

During TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017, Trillium saw continued success in our networking and development efforts. Trillium’s President and CEO, David Uze, commented shortly after the event, noting the “immediate interest from the largest OEMs and Tier 1’s in Europe following the presentation of our Cyber Security as a Service (C-SaaS) revenue sharing business model”. Our advancement into the European market mirrors our progress in the Asian and North American markets. Trillium is committed to becoming the one-stop shop for automotive cybersecurity worldwide, and this event marks yet another milestone towards realizing that goal.

Hundreds of thousands of hours of research, development, and market research have gone into the development of Trillium’s portfolio, and to see that effort bear fruit is the best reward we could hope for. We are overjoyed at the overwhelmingly positive response to our C-SaaS model and multilayered cyber security approach shown by the TechCrunch community. This recognition on such a prestigious platform has fortified our resolve that our solution to automotive cyber security truly is the best. We look forward to the continued support of the startup community in our mission to make the streets of today and tomorrow cyber-safe.

Trillium's David M. Uze and Adrian Sossna presenting to a live audience at the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Startup Battlefield.

Trillium’s David M. Uze and Adrian Sossna presenting to a live audience at the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Startup Battlefield.

Trillium's BrainBox had its newest model, the BB 3.0 debut during our pitch at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017

Trillium’s BrainBox had its newest model, the BB 3.0 debut during our pitch at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017

Trillium at the Startup Battlefield!

Trillium is honored to announce that it has been selected as a finalist in TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Berlin 2017. We are honored to receive this recognition from such a prestigious organization, and are deeply grateful for the continued support of the startup community. We extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who helped organize the event, and look forward to seeing continued support for Trillium and its products.

Smart Car Legislation: Time and Safety Critical

    Between insurance, new technologies, and safety laws, smart cars bring up several complicated issues – though none are perhaps as challenging as the issue of cybersecurity legislation. The concerns surrounding automotive cybersecurity legislation lie largely with the issue of liability in the event of a hack, a subject that seems simple at first, but upon further inspection reveals a subjective, polarizing topic. In his article on ITProPortal, Jaeson Yoo elaborates on this complexity, highlighting the key challenges preventing any clear answer from being made.

    Yoo begins by discussing the urgency of the matter, detailing the United States’ government’s motivations to quickly develop legislation governing automotive cybersecurity. He details how dangerous a car in the wrong hands can be, stating that “Cars, while convenient, have the potential to be deadly, as evidenced by the increasing number of terrorist attacks using automobiles. Vehicles can be used to run over a large group of pedestrians. They can even be used as a way to deliver suicide bombs in strategic situations to maximize catastrophic damage. In other words, ways to utilize the automobile for deadly means are practically limitless, a dilemma that is only certain to grow more complex as cars get even more connected and eventually start driving themselves.” The message is clear – transportation technology is critical to society, but in the wrong situation, cars can be used to cause profound destruction. As cars become more connected, the threat only becomes greater. A single car can already cause major damage. As the amount of connectivity and automation available increases, this already daunting threat has the potential to grow to control thousands of cars within a single fleet.

    This reality is the driving motivation behind the new wave of legislation. Governments around the world are rushing to ensure that adequate legislation is in place in the event such a tragedy occurs, but this hastiness has highlighted a different problem – a lack of interest in the automotive industry to address this serious problem. OEM’s lack serious expertise on the subject of cybersecurity, and thus are reluctant to take a position at all. This cannot be the case, especially when lives are at risk.

    Simply avoiding the issue of cybersecurity is unsustainable. Tesla’s Model 3 is an example of what the future looks like – every function is controlled via the central touch display, foregoing physical buttons and dials for a pure software experience. This futuristic, visionary design has resulted in a massive backlog of nearly 500,000 reservations for the Model 3. Consumers are demanding connectivity in cars today more than any other feature, a call that cannot be ignored without serious damage to traditional OEM’s business. It is clear that traditional OEM’s will have to adapt to remain competitive with newcomers such as Tesla. This adaptation cannot happen as long as OEM’s ignore cybersecurity.

Trillium’s broad portfolio of products & services empowers OEM’s to secure their products from the conceptual stage all the way through end-of-life support. From consulting to penetration testing to providing cybersecurity solutions, Trillium is uniquely positioned to provide a complete and total solution to all things cybersecurity.

Continued Support from Red Herring! Trillium is Honored to be Named a Top 100 Global Startup

This week in Los Angeles, California, Trillium is proud to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Global Startup award. We are honored by the Red Herring community’s continued support of Trillium and will strive to live up to the high hopes set for us by the international startup communityThis week in Los Angeles, California, Trillium is proud to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Global Startup award. We are honored by the Red Herring community’s continued support of Trillium and will strive to live up to the high hopes set for us by the international startup community.